Meet Our Team

With decades of combined experience in commercial loan administration, we deliver a smooth and efficient experience for each loan we service.


Senior Vice President, Operations

Loreen Alexander joined Montrose in February 1993. She contributes extensive experience, and is responsible for oversight of all aspects of mortgage administration. Loreen is responsible for all corporate administration and acts as a liaison with investors and regional licensing bodies.



Janice Roffey joined Montrose in March 2007. Janice maintains the trust ledger; bank, investor and realty tax accounts; prepares corporate financial statements and budgets, and administers payroll and benefits.


Senior Manager, Payment Processing

Tamara Hines joined Montrose in August 2015 and is responsible for all aspects of post-closing mortgage administration. Tamara’s responsibilities include; collection of mortgage payments, investor remittances & reporting, management of property tax accounts and general mortgage maintenance.


Administrator, Loan Funding

Dorothy Kolber joined Montrose in March 2017. In her position Dorothy assists with all aspects of mortgage closing. Dorothy is responsible for lender direct fundings, mortgage renewals, and various administrative functions.

Jenny Riddolls

Administrator, Payment Processing

Jenny Riddolls joined Montrose in May 2021, bringing with her nearly 10 years of experience in the credit union system. Jenny plays an important role in post-closing mortgage administration, including monitoring property insurance, owner responsibility property tax monitoring (or maintenance), and collection of financial reporting for each property in our mortgage portfolio.

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